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Choir teacher Mr. Nathan Dumser swan dives into the middle of a jubilant senior-filled pool.
Seniors Storm St. George's Swimming Pool
Owen Hewitt, Editor-in-Chief • April 29, 2021

What would you do if it poured down rain on your last day of school? Well, if you’re anything like the St. George’s class of 2021 on April 29, your day plan would include a mud-filled kickball game, a cleansing dip in the lake, followed by a party in the pool. Kickball – a time-honored St. George’s tradition – took place during the lunch period after many seniors finished their provided Chick-Fil-A boxed lunches. While the kickball game had been planned in advance, jumping into both the lake and the St. George’s Olympic-sized swimming pool spiraled off an idea outgoing seniors...

The Varsity Women
Sticks and Stones
April 20, 2021
Senior Wills
Senior Wills
April 16, 2021
Mrs. Webb helps junior Joe Walters throw on the wheel. Mrs. Webb has faced many challenges this year with Pottery online. This class has become available to only in-person students now.
Two Places at Once
February 5, 2021
The Hernando de Soto Bridge is framed between several buildings on Poplar Avenue. Memphis was one of several cities that was hit hard amid shut downs of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Empty Spaces of Memphis
February 3, 2021
E'nissa Golden, Illustrator • March 3, 2021

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