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The Gift of Giving Back to Our Community
X-Block switch up affects freshman and sophomores

January 31, 2019

In January, the administration announced to ninth and tenth graders that X-Block was changing. In the meeting, they told students that in order to go to...

One Beard To Rule Them All

January 28, 2019

For those looking to have a luscious beard like Upper School Biology teacher Mr. Sam Abrams, he has a few words of advice. “Keep it groomed. Don’t...

Rundown of the Shutdown

January 28, 2019

Two days ago, Congress and the President announced that they have agreed to a deal to end the government shutdown. It lasted 35 days, the longest government...

Shutdown Takes Toll on Robotics

January 23, 2019

The St. George’s robotics team got a close-up view of the government shutdown when VEX announced that they had changed the venue for their Signature...

The Avalanche
Where Do Christmas Trees Come From?

Where Do Christmas Trees Come From?

December 24, 2018

Let’s say you’re a Christmas tree, or rather, a Christmas tree seedling. You’re going to want to be planted alongside some sister seedlings in a place where you can soak up the sun, roughly seven feet from your fellow tree friends. That’s about 350 million tree friends, by the way, planted all across the United States. Depending on the kind of Christmas tree you are, you could end up in...

Together We Serve

Together We Serve

December 21, 2018

“I joined the military because it felt like it was the right thing to do,” Middle School IPS teacher Mr. Mike Smothers said. “There wasn’t a war on. It wasn’t this heroic mission thing. It was more that, I wanted to contribute. I wanted to help in some way.” Mr. Smothers was about twenty years old when he enlisted into the military, and he was in for a total of eight years working...

Rocking the Schoolhouse
A Year In Art

February 6, 2019

St. George’s has a tradition of sponsoring and organizing volunteer opportunities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day every...

A Play Out of This World

February 4, 2019

What does William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, 1950s rock and roll classics, and a spaceship all have in common? They all...

Serving Up Coffee and Creativity

January 16, 2019

For the past three years, right before St. George’s closes for Thanksgiving break, the high school students come to school...

Climbing Into a New Club
Lounging Around With Jacob (A 5 Questions With)
A Saucy Review
Shutdown Takes Toll on Robotics
Up Top!
Flying Around Memphis: A Bird Scooter Review
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