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Anna Schmiedicke

Anna Schmiedicke, Reporter

Anna Schmiedicke has always had a great passion for the action of putting a pencil to paper. Even when she was young, she loved to open up a notebook and just write. Her goal is for people to notice and appreciate her innovative form of writing, and she hopes that The Lodge will be a great way to share that. Anna also loves to tell people that she has a note on her phone that consists of every Monster Energy flavor she has ever let pass through her lips. Because of her obsession with the drink, there is no doubt enters her classes energized and ready to get things done, and at The Lodge, that is always welcome! She also has two amazing yet annoying dogs, but she insists that her love for them will always cancel out the annoying part.

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Breaking the Mold

January 4, 2022
A Kohesian server brings out food to hungry diners in the weeks before December closure. Kohesian was one of the many restaurant to experience decrease in sales during the pandemic.

Open For Business?

January 4, 2022
Mr. Taylor Cao, director of student life, speaks to members of student government on the Wednesday morning before homecoming. The plans for the dance were very different than in previous years due to the threat of the Delta strain of the coronavirus.

A Dance with Delta

September 18, 2021
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