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A New Look to the NFL

A New Look to the NFL

April 27, 2020

After multiple months of uncertainty and differing public opinions, the NFL has a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that will change the NFL for the next 11 years. Here is what all will be different...

Saying “Sayonara” to Spring Sports

Saying “Sayonara” to Spring Sports

April 24, 2020

The 2020 high school spring sports regular season has already been canceled for all sports, and as of April 15, the Spring Fling state championships have also been cancelled. “TSSAA knows that its athletes want nothin...

Weekly Workouts April 22-May 10

Weekly Workouts April 22-May 10

April 23, 2020

Week of April 22nd:  Wednesday: 1-minute plank 10 leg lifts 25 Russian twists 1-minute wall sit Thursday: 1:15 plank 15 leg lifts 30 Russian twists  1:30 wall sit Frid...

NFL Free Agency- A Guide to the Mayhem

NFL Free Agency- A Guide to the Mayhem

April 3, 2020

With the Covid-19 outbreak, almost all sports have been halted and the world seems as if it has grinded to a stop. The one fun thing still happening in the sports world is that NFL free agency has been...

Weekly Workouts March 30-April 10

Weekly Workouts March 30-April 10

April 3, 2020

Week of March 30:  Monday:  30-second plank 4x5 sit-ups 10 push-ups 2x8 walking lunges  20 Russian twists  Tuesday: 30-second plank 15-second each side plank 4x6 sit-...

What's Up With the Astros?

What’s Up With the Astros?

March 4, 2020

The Houston Astros won the Major League Baseball World Series in 2017, but almost three years later, their win is being questioned. The coaches, players, and managers were accused of electronically steal...

The XFL has created a new logo as part of its rebranding. The new logo  is more colorful than its 2001 counterpart.

XFL- Redone Right?

March 4, 2020

After lasting only one season in 2001, the XFL, a professional football league designed to display the talents of unsigned players, has been resurrected for a new season. This revival started Feb. 8 and...

LSU and Clemson compete in their final game of the season for the National Championship trophy.

2020 National Championship Recap

January 23, 2020

Tigers vs. Tigers. Number one vs. number three. LSU had just come off a huge playoff win against Oklahoma, while Clemson barely came out on top of Ohio State. This National Championship seemed as if it wo...

Sam's NFL Week In Review: Conference Championships

Sam’s NFL Week In Review: Conference Championships

January 20, 2020

AFC Championship Chiefs 35, Titans 24 As a Titans fan, I am disappointed in the outcome of this game. However, I am proud of the Titans for putting up a fight and for coming farther than anyone coul...

Reporter Sam Kuykendall recaps the weekend's NFL games and outcomes.

Sam’s NFL Week In Review: Divisional Round

January 14, 2020

49ers 27, Vikings 10 It was a battle of two excellent running games and two stout defensive fronts, but San Francisco prevailed on both sides of the ball to lead them to their first playoff win in a...

Sam Kuykendall recaps the NFL Wildcard Weekend games and outcomes.

Sam’s NFL Week In Review: Wild Card Weekend

January 13, 2020

Texans 22, Bills 19 (OT) The Bills were oh so close to winning this game and dominated until late in the third quarter when Deshaun Watson managed to rally the Texans and lead them to a stunning co...

Senior, Luke Stevens, working on backstroke during practice. The team engages in time trials to see how quickly they are improving.

St. George’s Swim Dives Into a New Season

December 11, 2019

Young but qualified, the St. George’s swim team’s new head coach Katie Kelsoe takes over to drive the team higher.  “I swam for 16 years so it’s kind of weird not swimming for the first time eve...