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Sienna Lightman

Sienna Lightman, Reporter

Sienna Lightman has lived in Memphis her whole life, though she definitely wants to see what the rest of the world has to offer. She plays tennis and has a passionate on-and-off love/hate relationship with running. She hates doing it, but the feeling afterward is all worth it. Her favorite food is packaged ramen right out of the bag, which she could eat for days. This year for the newspaper, she's excited to meet all the “cool, nice, interesting people” on the staff and take some amazing photos while she's at it. She’s been taking photos with a camera she got from her grandmother for five years now, but watch out, because she’s got a new one (and we’re very excited to see it)! After a long hard day, she enjoys going home and laying in bed while watching some Netflix with her dogs. Sienna says if she could be any animal she would be a hummingbird and which describes her pretty accurately. She has a talent for seeing beauty in everyday life and isn't scared to talk to anyone and everyone. She's athletic, talented, and ready to start the year!

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Mr. Taylor Cao, director of student life, speaks to members of student government on the Wednesday morning before homecoming. The plans for the dance were very different than in previous years due to the threat of the Delta strain of the coronavirus.

[Photo] A Dance with Delta

September 18, 2021
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