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Mrs. Webb helps junior Joe Walters throw on the wheel. Mrs. Webb has faced many challenges this year with Pottery online. This class has become available to only in-person students now.
Two Places at Once
Abby Grace Dodson, Reporter • February 5, 2021

  “It’s a huge struggle when you’re teaching somebody how to throw on the wheel for the first time, but you are also teaching someone else that's sitting at a desk the elements of hand building. [And] then you are teaching somebody on a computer, too,” Mrs. Allison Webb, middle and high school visual arts and pottery teacher, said. “It’s almost like you are trying to teach three classes at once… [and] each place needs you differently.” As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers have to constantly adjust their lesson plan in order to accommodate both virtual and in-person...

The Hernando de Soto Bridge is framed between several buildings on Poplar Avenue. Memphis was one of several cities that was hit hard amid shut downs of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Empty Spaces of Memphis
February 3, 2021
Illustrations by Ellie Christie.
Five Ways to Combat Stress
December 16, 2020
M&M's Have Gone Too Far
Abby Grace Dodson, Reporter • March 24, 2021

The mysterious number of flavors that M&Ms has is hugely concerning. While researching, I have found some websites that have...

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E'nissa Golden, Illustrator • March 3, 2021

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