The Lodge

Rachel Ducker
Rachel Ducker, a senior and veteran member of the the Lodge, prides herself on her dry humor and blatant sarcasm. “I am very blunt, and sarcastic as anything,”she says. She’s been attending St. George’s since pre-k, and according to her, she’ll be a first time new kid in college. She is a traveler, who says that venturing to new places gives her insight to new perspectives on the world. Ironically, Rachel was born in Hong Kong, which may have had a hand in sparking her adventurous nature. Rachel likes to be right, and she has an almost uncanny affinity for random facts, which are great for impressing people (though she admits they are otherwise useless). She enjoys an eclectic music library, which consists of a little bit of everything. Music, Rachel says, is very important to her, and often shapes her personality and her work in the newspaper. Last year, her music articles were a hot topic. This year, however, she hopes to focus more on photography, which she didn’t get to do much last year. She’s very excited for her senior journey, and can’t wait to take on this year’s challenges.

Rachel Ducker, Photography Editor

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