The Lodge

Emma Bennett

Emma Bennett, Co-Editor-in-Chief

When you can’t find her on the soccer field, the lacrosse field or helping a lost freshman, you can usually find Emma Bennet furiously working in the newsroom. This is Emma’s third year on the Lodge, and the entire staff is extremely glad to have her back for her senior year, this time serving as co-editor-in-chief. Although Emma does possess some “anti-skills,” such as not being able to blow a bubble or swallow pills, she is an avid volunteer in the SGIS community, while also managing mock trial and other extra-curriculars. She’s looking forward to pushing herself in journalism even further and improving the SGIS community. If you ever need help finding something, getting out of a sticky situation in a class or just need someone to show you the silver lining, just head up to the newsroom, and you’ll find Emma, happy to help you with whatever you might need.

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