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Rainey Zaugg

Rainey Zaugg, Reporter

If Rainey Zaugg was a Walmart t-shirt, you would see the Rolling Stones mounted on the horn of a unicorn playing one of her favorite songs “Gimme Shelter.” Rainey not only would love to be depicted like this in a t-shirt, but she wishes she could learn to play the electric guitar and possible become their lead guitarist. Rainey’s funny and light hearted spirit is similar to that of Michael Scott of “The Office,” who she says she relates with due to their ability to laugh at themselves and entertain others. This is Rainey’s first year as a News Gryph, and she looks forward to writing of the Lodge, with a newfound sense of purpose.

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Sassy horoscopes

May 17, 2018
Thumbs all the way up

Thumbs all the way up

February 4, 2018
Junior Maggie Murphy gets ready to take to the block for her next race. Murphy is one of the many Gryphon athletes who decided to participate in a winter sport.

The final countdown

January 10, 2018
Junior Zach Williams looks on to the Arlington versus St. George's football game. The Gryphons lost this game 29-48.

Small fish, big pond

October 18, 2017
Senior Lathan Spadafora stands in the rain and tries to find the eclipse amongst the clouds.

Once in a Blue Moon

October 11, 2017
Prefect of Spirit Dalton Reese celebrates after a touchdown for the Gryphons. The student section was lively and clothed head to toe in black on Friday for the first home game of the season.

Friday night firsts

August 28, 2017
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