The Lodge

Ellie Christie

Ellie Christie, Reporter

Ellie Christie’s personal motto is “Be Happy, Be Healthy, and don’t Hurt anyone” or the three H’s as she likes to call them. Ellie aspires to work as an author and is excited to perfect her writing skills this year at The Lodge. While she may be a very picky eater, her favorite food is fried rice. Ellie’s favorite animal is the pangolin which is the only scaled mammal. Similar to a pangolin, Ellie is one of a kind. You will never meet someone so kind, talented, creative, and funny as she is with her ability to make anyone laugh and her empathetic heart that relates to any scenario you come to her with. She loves sunflowers and crafting beautiful earrings that, if you ask nice enough she might just make you some! Along with her talent for writing and earring making, she is an incredible artist and you can find her doodling in any of her classes. Such a well-rounded individual will make a wonderful addition to the Lodge!

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