The Lodge

Alanna Murphy

Alanna Murphy, Reporter

Imagine a really sweet, funny dad from a Disney Channel show… but in a teenage girl’s body. That’s pretty much Alanna Murphy. “Eat good, sleep well. If you’re gonna say something, say something that matters,” is what Alanna lives by, and if you spend enough time with her, you can tell! She takes care of the people around her by being supportive, uplifting and genuine. Alanna has the ability to bring a smile to your face even when you think it’s impossible. Her favorite animals are penguins, though they used to be zebras. She’s a big fan of the color lavender. Her dream for the future is to become a chemical engineer, but who knows where life will take her? Eh, probably to the Sonic parking lot for tater tots and a slushie, with her bright red Jeep she claims nobody can ignore. For her first year at The Lodge she’s excited to build new friendships with the other staff members, and “you can quote [her] on it!”

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