Five Ways to Combat Stress

As the semester comes to a close, school can become extremely stressful. Here are 5 ways to help alleviate that stress


Photo: Owen Hewitt

Illustrations by Ellie Christie.

Take a step back

Illustration: Ellie Christie

Try going for a walk or giving yourself a certain amount of time to do something mindless to bring your stress level down before you go back to whatever you were doing.







Illustration: Ellie Christie

Make a list

Try listing the things that need to be done in order of difficulty or importance. Having tasks categorized can make them seem more manageable.










Illustration: Ellie Christie

Sleep on it

It is really easy to make mistakes and stress about something when you’re exhausted. It is a lot easier to accomplish things when you are well rested.




Illustration: Ellie Christie

Find a time to work

The more you put off your work the longer you have to stress over it. Try setting a time each day to do homework. This helps you keep on top of things and you no longer have to worry about when something is going to get done.





Illustration: Ellie Christie

Clean up your work area

Tidy up the space you’re working in. Your surroundings often affect your mind and it can be easier to concentrate and work in a clean and organized space