Season’s Grievings

Ellie: It’s autumn, which means the weather outside is not quite yet frightful but it sure is getting there. When the weather gets frightful, so do some folks’ brains.

SAD: Makes sense. Where’s the joy in life during a time like this?

E: Oh, brother, not this guy. That’s seasonal affective disorder talking, and it’s to blame for how garbage some people start to feel during autumn and winter. Feels like your standard depression, but it specifically appears when summer starts to fade. It’s got to do with sunlight, but we don’t really know why that affects some people and not others. Some of us just start feeling like…

SAD: Life sucks now!

E: There’s no reason for me to feel worse at the end of the year. I mean, October is my favorite month. It’s the month of both my birthday and Halloween. It’s when the temperature starts getting the way I like best—

SAD: But it’s also when life starts going extra wrong.

E: That seems a tad dramatic.

SAD: So much starts happening in the fall and it’s all overwhelming and it all SUCKS. Everything is too difficult and everyone hates you. And that says a lot, because you’re cursed or something. Things do not work out for you at any point in the year.

E: Okay, was that one seasonal depression or regular depression? You two sound the same some- times.

SAD: We collaborate.

E: All that work for little old me? I’m flattered. And can I take a second to make sure everyone notices and processes that the abbreviation for seasonal affective disorder is SAD? Is that not the funniest and most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard?

SAD: Not as funny and pathetic as your life!

E: Shut up. Let me make my point. I know I’m not the only one who deals with seasonal depression, and I want anyone else deal- ing with it to know that they aren’t the only one either. It’s isolating to feel so horrible, but whatever you feel is something that someone else feels too. We just don’t always talk about it.

SAD: Yeah, because nobody wants to hear it! This article is about what you have to say, but who cares?

E: Was that the wind or some- thing? Crazy weather we’re having. Anyway, take care of yourselves. Do that all year long, of course, but especially during the harder months. Like, I dunno, take a walk? Grab the changing weather in your cold hands and make the most of it. Or talk to a friend instead of the little angsty voice in your head! It gets real annoying.

SAD: That’s hurtful.

E: Eat my shorts. Our brains are mean to us sometimes, but if you can at least try to tune out the bad thoughts, do things that bring you comfort and peace and remind yourself that spring will come again, that makes it a bit better.

If you or someone you know are struggling with feelings of depression, contact:
The National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800- 273 -8255
Upper School Counselor Ms. Nikki Davis: 901-457-2012 ([email protected])
Middle School Counselor Ms. Kim Finch: 901-457-2128 ([email protected]).