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Citizens of Ferguson peacefully protest the cause of death for black teenager, Mike Brown.  Protests continued intermittently between the time of the shooting and Wilson’s verdict.

We should not fear those who are meant to protect

Kai Taylor, Writer January 8, 2015

On Monday, Nov. 24, St. Louis prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch announced that Darren Wilson would not be indicted and was free from any charges that could be filed against him in the shooting death...

Senior Juliana Wall greets a voter as she signs him in the registrar book.  Over 1,030 people came through the doors on Election Day.

Behind the scenes of Election Day

Juliana Wall, Photo Editor November 10, 2014

Tuesday, Nov. 4, was Election Day, and I had the opportunity to work the elections that day at the Hickory Withe precinct in Fayette County.  This was my second time working the elections, my first being...

Victim blaming continues to poison our society as many innocent victims are blamed for acts they had no responsibility in. In the past, many victim blaming cases have revolved around cases of domestic violence, gun violence and sexual assault. (Manipulated photo)

Victim blaming must stop

Annie Vento, Sports Editor/Copy Editor October 29, 2014

On February 15, 2014, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his fianceé were arrested on charges of assault after an altercation at an Atlantic City hotel. A video of Rice dragging her unconscious...

Student uses the “Don’t Shoot” stance used by protesters in Ferguson. People from across the nation travelled to Ferguson to take part in the protests that lasted 16 days this past August.

Don’t shoot

Kai Taylor, Writer October 29, 2014

Mike Brown was a young black male who was ruthlessly shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri. Citizens are actively protesting- outraged at the police’s reaction toward the case and do not appear to be backing...

iPads at the front desk photographs students checking in or out. Changes at St. Georges include this new checkout procedure to ensure student accountability.

Change is afoot

Lexie Marotta and Taylor Owens September 3, 2014

Going from humble contributors on our school newspaper to the Editors-in-Chief has been quite a change for us. Filling the void that last year’s fearless leader Regan left has definitely been a tough...

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