Let’s get organized

Annie Murff gets organized at school. Annie used the tips and tricks from the Gryphon Gazette to get organized.

Caroline Zummach, Staff Writer

From the minute you wake up your morning is hectic, with homework sprawled all over the house. At school it’s time to get your homework out, and you can’t remember where in the world you put it, so you get a late grade. This routine is an endless cycle that leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed.

Does this sound like you? If so, have no fear, for the Gryphon Gazette is here to get you back on your feet. With tips and tricks from high school students and teachers, staying organized will be a piece of cake, regardless of your hectic schedule or past ways.

First and foremost, use your planner. Junior Graham Sisson said that “using my planner is a big help,” and it really is. Make it a habit to pull out your planner at the beginning of every class and jot down the homework. Then, once you have completed that homework, cross it off and stop worrying about it.

“There is something satisfying about crossing things off,” prefect of academics and senior Sope Adeleye said.

Second, master the art of time management. Using your mornings and study halls to complete as much homework as possible will take a load off your shoulders and free up much-needed time in the afternoons that you can use to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show or whatever else you want.

“I wake up early in the morning to do homework because people aren’t posting on social media, and friends aren’t going to text you at six in the morning,” Adeleye said. When it is not early in the morning, put your phone aside so that you aren’t distracted.

Be sure to listen to your senses when you study. According to physics teacher Mrs. Lauri Jensen, you should “highlight, write, talk, [and] tell the dog” what you are studying so that you can remember it better. If you know you are going to have a busy weekend, get your homework done on Thursday or Friday.

If you are easily distracted and need assistance focusing, you can use apps to help you study. Keepmeout.com will only let you be on social media, or other sites that can distract you, for a certain amount of minutes. The Work Break Timer allows you to set times to work and times for breaks.

While staying organized isn’t easy all the time, it will ultimately lead you to become a better student and help you in the long run.

“When a person gets organized, the grades climb,” Mrs. Jensen said. “They find they really do have more time than they thought, and they reap the extra reward.”