Give me pretzels or give me death


Photo: Caroline Zummach

A Flik chef prepares pasta, a fan-favorite of St. George’s students, for an upper school lunch. Flik joined the St. George’s community in 2014, and since then, there have been long lines and a shortage of food at upper school lunches.

Let’s talk about raisins. Some people consider raisins to be nature’s candy, but these people are wrong because raisins are not candy and therefore do not belong in brownies. Flik sometimes thinks they do, and that is a point on which we disagree.

Flik Dining Services joined the St. George’s community at the start of the last school year. Flik does a lot of things very well. The Flik staff is absolutely amazing and kind, and they make sure to talk to every person who comes through their line. These people bring to us delicious chicken tenders and an amazing burger bar, and for that we are so grateful.

They also try their best to extend our horizons with food, and that is where trouble arises because some of us are not quite there yet.

Let’s face it. Most students aren’t hard to please. Most of us wish it was still socially acceptable at our age to order chicken tenders at a nice restaurant. Though most students at the Collierville campus are over the age of 13, a lot of us aren’t quite ready to trade in the kid-friendly macaroni and cheese for tomato pie or chicken cacciatore. Serving some less intimidating food options is definitely something that Flik should consider.

Take snack food, for example. I still have my teenage metabolism right now, and until I lose that, and probably not even then, I will not want to give up my snack food. Chips are a staple of many students’ diets, but with Flik, there often aren’t a lot of options available. If chips are too unhealthy, I would love to see pretzels available more often. Pretzels offer a healthier alternative that still satisfies the lunch salt craving. The white cheddar popcorn is also absolutely mouthwatering, and the devastation I feel when I walk in and don’t see it is almost too much to handle.

The refrigerators are of great convenience for students who want to avoid lines or eat fast so they have time to work on homework during the lunch period. However, there are hardly any sandwiches available by second lunch. If your goal is to grab-and-go, this creates a problem that could be solved by stocking the refrigerators more often. If you make them, we’ll take them.

Integrating some of these things into our daily lunch would make a huge difference, eliminating some of the stress accompanied with not knowing if there will be something you want to eat and having to stand in long lines.

If listening to ‘80s pop and watching bad Adam Sandler movies ever taught me anything, it was to “Don’t Stop Believin’.” I will never stop believing in good lunches. Flik is up for the challenge, and I believe they can rise to the occasion.