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This is just one of many churches in Manipur.

You Can’t Spell “Manipur” Without “I”

Reporter Ellie Christie reflects on her time in Manipur, India
Ellie Christie, Reporter January 29, 2021

In December of 2018, my family and I visited the place my mother used to call home: Manipur, a state in northeast India. We’d been to India before, but the places we’d visited were nothing like this....

Photo by Callie Hollis. Photo Illustration by Owen Hewitt.

A Letter from the Editor

An explanation on how the Lodge plans to operate this year
Owen Hewitt, Editor-in-Chief August 21, 2020

Well, this is certainly not how I expected to start my senior year. Even the biggest pessimists (including myself) would have struggled to predict that when we transitioned to virtual learning due to...

Left to right, Joe Casey of Protomartyr, Laura Lee of Khruangbin, and Stefan Babcock of PUP. All three groups released new singles this week. Photoillustration by Owen Hewitt

Eat Stream Sleep Repeat

Owen Hewitt, Co-Editor-In-Chief May 4, 2020

It’s the third week of this column now, and I’ve realized that through writing this I’ve expanded my musical horizons as I search high and low for the best tracks of the week. It’s been great to...

Left to right, Matty Healy of the 1975, masked Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest, and Hayley Williams. All three artists dropped new tracks this week. Photo Illustration by Owen Hewitt

Eat Stream Sleep Repeat

Owen Hewitt, Co-Editor-In-Chief April 27, 2020

I spend a lot of time listening to music, and now that I can’t leave my house I’ve got more time than ever to dig through the virtual record crates of Spotify in search of each week’s best releases....

A recreation of the Tik Tok logo in reference to Keiara's series.

Keiara’s Top Ten Tik Toks:Dance challenges

Keiara reviews her top ten TikToks every week. This week she features her top ten Tik Tok dance challenges.
Keiara Baker, Reporter April 15, 2020

Welcome back to top 10  Tik Toks with me Keiara This week’s Tik Toks will feature various dance challenges. The challenges keep coming so let’s get to my top ten dance challenges  The first...

NFL Free Agency- A Guide to the Mayhem

NFL Free Agency- A Guide to the Mayhem

All the significant signings and trades from another hectic offseason for the NFL
Sam Kuykendall, Reporter April 3, 2020

With the Covid-19 outbreak, almost all sports have been halted and the world seems as if it has grinded to a stop. The one fun thing still happening in the sports world is that NFL free agency has been...

Sam's NFL Week In Review: Conference Championships

Sam’s NFL Week In Review: Conference Championships

The Conference Championship games have come and gone and the Super Bowl matchup is all set. Here is all you need to know before the big game on February 2nd:
Sam Kuykendall, Reporter January 20, 2020

AFC Championship Chiefs 35, Titans 24 As a Titans fan, I am disappointed in the outcome of this game. However, I am proud of the Titans for putting up a fight and for coming farther than anyone could...

Reporter Sam Kuykendall recaps the weekend's NFL games and outcomes.

Sam’s NFL Week In Review: Divisional Round

The playoff mayhem has continued into the divisional round, and here is a summary for those who missed the action. The Titans’ titanic upset streak continued, and the Chiefs erased a 24-point deficit in a matter of minutes. The four teams moving on are the 49ers, Titans, Chiefs, and Packers. Who will punch their ticket to Super Bowl LIV?
Sam Kuykendall, Reporter January 14, 2020

49ers 27, Vikings 10 It was a battle of two excellent running games and two stout defensive fronts, but San Francisco prevailed on both sides of the ball to lead them to their first playoff win in a...

Sam Kuykendall recaps the NFL Wildcard Weekend games and outcomes.

Sam’s NFL Week In Review: Wild Card Weekend

The playoffs are upon us once again, and the weekend of the Wild Card was as wild as its name suggests. Let’s look at a recap of the four crazy games that eliminated four teams from the playoffs:
Sam Kuykendall, Reporter January 13, 2020

Texans 22, Bills 19 (OT) The Bills were oh so close to winning this game and dominated until late in the third quarter when Deshaun Watson managed to rally the Texans and lead them to a stunning comeback...

Sam's NFL Week In Review: Week 14

Sam’s NFL Week In Review: Week 14

Missed any NFL action this weekend? Reporter Sam Kuykendall is here to update you on the important NFL showdowns from Week 14.
Sam Kuykendall, Reporter December 10, 2019

After a brief hiatus for personal reasons, I have returned to bring you the latest news around the NFL this week. The playoff race is in full swing, with the New Orleans Saints being the first team to...

Sam's NFL Week In Review: Week Ten

Sam’s NFL Week In Review: Week Ten

Sam Kuykendall, Reporter November 15, 2019

Raiders 26, Chargers 24 A Thursday night game between two middle-of-the-pack teams turned into a back and forth game, with the Raiders coming out on top with an 18 yard run by Josh Jacobs sealing the...

Sam's NFL Week in Review: Week Nine

Sam’s NFL Week in Review: Week Nine

The second half of the season has commenced, and there was no shortage of entertaining matchups. Here is the rundown of the important things that transpired in week 9:
Sam Kuykendall, Reporter November 6, 2019

49ers 28, Cardinals 25 And the 49ers win streak continues. In a spooky game on Halloween night, the San Fran passing game finally came alive, with Jimmy Garoppolo scoring four times through the air...

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