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Madeline Sisk
When you see Madeline Sisk, you see a girl with an amazing fashion sense, with her favorite style being streetwear. You might see her wearing something trendy like a fashionable skirt most days, don't be shocked if you see her lounging in some comfortable clothing on a lazy day. Madeline is a chill girl who loves to be with her friends while also enjoying her space and alone time, preferably in her bedroom watching her favorite TV show or enjoying the depths of social media apps. You may not know this, but Madeline is obsessed with the color teal. Everything from her bedroom, to her phone case, to her backpack is teal! Madeline dreams of living somewhere like London or New York, finding new opportunities and connections. Returning to The Lodge this year, Madeline is thrilled to uncover the hidden stories this new time holds and can’t wait to keep you in the know about every bit of it!

Madeline Sisk, Editor

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