Top Netflix Shows to Watch at Home

Erin O’Connell and Kayla Sanford give recommendations for the best shows to keep you company during quarantine by genre


Photo: Madeline Sisk

With a range of over 5,844 shows, Netflix has plenty to offer. The shows in this list range from TV-14 to TV-MA according to Netflix.

Top 6 Fun to Watch

All American

Black Lightning


On My Block

The Good Place

Money Heist



Top 6 Comedies

The Office

Big Mouth

Arrested Development

Parks and Recreation

New Girl

Billy on the Street



Top 6 Dramas

Grey’s Anatomy

Breaking Bad

Black Mirror


Peaky Blinders

Vampire Diaries


Top 6 Horrors

American Horror Story

The Walking Dead

Stranger Things

Haunting of Hill House




Top 6 Crime

The Ted Bundy Tapes

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Criminal Minds

Better Call Saul




Top 6 Reality

Next in Fashion

Love is Blind

Skin Wars

Queer Eye

Pawn Stars

The Great British Baking Show




Top 6 Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The 100

The Twilight Zone

The Umbrella Academy

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Flash