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Reporter Madeline Sisk provides fun horoscopes once a month.

Madeline’s Monthly Horoscopes: Back to School

Madeline's September horoscopes give fun insight into the first month back to school

The 12 zodiac signs are believed to describe the personality of the people who are born within their domain. Although we at the Lodge recognize that horoscopes have literally no factual bases and are not scientifically supported, (check out Starstruck) we do this just for fun! This month’s horoscope theme is Back to School! Also, Happy Birthday Virgos!



 You came in ready to get things done from day one but somehow, there’s like 5 huge projects, 10 assignments due tomorrow…. 2 or 3 might have been due yesterday… and suddenly you’re hopping between a hundred different things at once. Ok! Take a deep breath, stop the tornado, and maybe invest in a planner.


We know you tend to enjoy the finer things in life, and summer is one fine part of life. Coming back from summer may seem like a bucket of cold water on your head, but you got this! Nothing fazes you, in fact, you’re ready to take on this new school year.


Hello, social butterfly! Coming back to see friends you missed over the summer is top priority. You’re currently showing all your teachers who their new class clown is. You know everything that's happening and are always the first to know the latest gossip, but make sure you don’t become the gossip.  


You’re like your whole friend groups on-call therapist for the first month of school. Your compassionate nature leads you to help others, but be careful of appearing controlling. Because your need to care for others can sometimes eclipse your own desires, remember to take care of yourself as well!


You killed it the first month of school, dazzling your teachers with your charm and wit. Teachers, meet your class pet! As a natural-born leader you shine in and out of the classroom, but don’t forget others look at you as an example, so act the leader we know you are!


We know you have a spreadsheet somewhere that is designating you a 5-minute slot to read this, so we’ll be quick. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Your need for perfectionism is holding you back so go have fun and let yourself make a mistake or two. 


Balancing your workload is essential. You’re a firm believer in appearances, so you are easily swayed by your peers. Don’t forget to listen to your own ideas and have faith in your capabilities. But that nap you’re thinking about taking in class? Don’t.


You’re loud and proud and, you know what you want. Often convinced of success from the start, you can easily build yourself up. Your ego might be a little intimidating to people who don’t know you so try to tone down your inner wild child until new people get to know you better.


Active in discussions, and known for your bluntness, you shine in conversation. You can make anything exciting, and sometimes your classmates depend on this as a breath of fresh air. Just remember, don’t be a know it all. No one likes a know it all.


We’ll be honest. You’re a work-a-holic. You came to school prepared to take on multiple clubs, and some AP courses, a sport or two, and maybe an after school job as well. Slow down! You’re drowning in work and you’re not even out of high school.


You aren’t big on authority, but you work hard in class. You like to have your own space to move and work. Coming back to school this year was a lot. Nothing was calm and no-one was quiet. Social trends and norms aren’t for you. Go your own way!


You’re pretty smart, but sometimes prefer not to show it. You spend most of your time socializing or napping. There isn’t much room in between. All hope isn't lost. Try to motivate yourself some more. Join a club or get a job!

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