The Lodge

David Ogle

Photo: Callie Hollis

David Ogle: The Next Rock Star. Becoming the next big thing may be hard for some people, but it was made in the stars for David Ogle. Well, kind of. Ogle was given his first guitar in December 2005 and had his first lesson in January 2009. He loved to fidget with things, and so his guitar became his loveable fidget because it was superior for making sounds and eventually music. David Ogle stopped playing guitar about two years into his beginning years, but picked it back up again five or six years ago to have something to do when he came to St. George’s in seventh grade. His guitar was his best friend. Crazy right? He’s known for knowing just how to work his guitar. David Ogle is excited to be working on The Lodge this year, where he is hopeful to write about music and theatre. Ogle says in the future if you don’t see him rocking out the show, you will definitely see him in audio production, so take pictures with him now because in a few years, he might be too famous for us. 

David Ogle, Reporter

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