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Carolyn Lane
If allowed to pursue her dreams, Carolyn Lane would be flying through Westeros on the back of a dragon in “Game of Thrones;” for the time being, however, she enters her third year at the Lodge as Editor-in-Chief. After a busy summer running around in D.C. and Chicago, Carolyn got back to Germantown with just enough time to stress about summer work, and she may or may not have written all her essays the night before they were due. Carolyn is extremely dedicated to the things she loves, often to the point of staying at school until 4:30 (on a good day). One day, Carolyn hopes to pursue her passions in journalisms in Washington D.C., staying informed, and connecting with the narrative of a bigger world… and of course we can’t forget the dragons.

Carolyn Lane, Editor-in-chief

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