“The Hunger Games” trilogy goes out with a bang (literally)


Photo: Elle Vaughn

A flaming mockingjay stands as the emblem for third and fourth Hunger Games movies. The movie series just ended after four successful movies.

Carolyn Lane, News Editor/Layout Editor

Disclaimer: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” may not be appropriate for all ages. Viewer discretion is advised. There are no spoilers revealed within the review.

The last time we saw Katniss Everdeen, she was visiting the deranged Peeta Mellark, her fellow District Twelve victor and love interest, who attempted to strangle her only hours before. This is where the final installment of “The Hunger Games” continues. The movie follows Everdeen as she is faced with the task of freeing the twelve districts of Panem from the control of the sinister President Snow.

When we first see Everdeen, she is being examined by a local District 13 doctor after her near-death experience. Although the movie began leisurely, within fifteen minutes, Everdeen is back in action, visiting military bases and rallying the troops in the 13 districts.

Despite this jump into action, the ending of the movie does not follow through this action-packed start. During the movie’s conclusion, there appears to be two different climaxes, both occurring within a 10-minute span of time. This caused the ending to drag out since it lacked clearly-defined moments of action.

Regardless of the plot difficulties, the acting, especially that of Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen, and Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta Mellark, was impressive. As the plot progressed, each character had moments of triumph as well as moments of pain, which the actors and actresses portrayed to perfection.

The musical score accompanied the movie perfectly. During suspenseful moments, the music was filled by long, drawn-out chords, yet during the action scenes, the music was comprised of short, complex compilations of notes that keep the audience at the edge of their seat. It added to the emotion associated with scenes.

Unlike the conclusion of many trilogies, Suzanne Collins, the author of the book series, and Francis Lawrence, the director of the last three movies, answered most of the questions posed by the beginning of the movie and the series itself. The moviegoers could understand what happened to each character and where they ended their journey.

It was a movie that satisfied the trilogy’s conclusion yet maybe not the average moviegoer’s critiques. To the delight of many, the movie finally answered the much needed question of who Katniss Everdeen would choose between Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne. You will need to see the movie to find out.