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Annika Conlee

Annika Conlee, editor of social media/top reporter

Annika Conlee – no relation to Mike Conley – is entering her second year as a member of the Newsgryphs. Although born in Dayton, Ohio, Annika is a true Memphian at heart. As the editor of social media and a top reporter, you will find Annika live-tweeting and reporting at any major sporting or school event. Annika is often running cross country or throwing on the pottery wheel. Annika is currently trying to get a head start in writing so that she can be the world’s best author as an adult.

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Junior Oliva Yukon jumps a hurdle. Yukon has been riding for 10 years and trains extensively every week in order to achieve national recognition.

Unbridled success

February 9, 2018


May 17, 2017
Shane Horton holds a chicken. Students came face-to-face with the real-world challenges of running a small scale farm.

Growing pains

April 30, 2017
Senior Grace Optican gives a boy an exploding fist bump. The Citizenship Institute spent time serving  on Tuesday, April 11.

A step forward

April 17, 2017
Senior Sydney Brown throws on the wheel in pottery class. Brown started pottery as a semester class this January.

New year, new classes

January 28, 2017
Solar panels sit on a roof while a young man touches them. A group of juniors began to contact green energy companies earlier this year.

Capture the light

December 9, 2016
Eighth-grader Joy Huff and her mother act out their disagreement regarding the current election cycle. For generations, young people have been

more likely to share the beliefs of their parents than disagree.

Family feuds

November 10, 2016
Junior Lauren Purdy writes smart or stupid on a white board. The debate over the definition of dyslexia has evolved over time and should eventually reach a middle ground.

Dyslexic Goldilocks

November 3, 2016
Students from the SGGO camping trip pose for a photo. While some students stayed in town during the break, others went out of town.

Breaking the routine

October 11, 2016
Bennett Matson buys Gatorade. Due to new schedule changes, all high schoolers eat lunch at the same time.

One big, happy family

September 6, 2016
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