Catching up with commits

Checking in with athletes from the SG class of 2017

St. George’s class of 2017 had several students committed to continue their athletic career to college, all of which varied in sports and location across the country. The Lodge contacted a few of them to check in and see how the transition from high school to college athletics is treating them.   

Chase Hayden/ University of Arkansas football

Chase Hayden is playing D1 football at the University of Arkansas. The razorbacks are 2-4 this season, playing some of the highest ranked teams in the nation. So far, Hayden has played in all six collegiate games with four touchdowns and 284 yards. Sports fans can find him on TV, repping the Hogs. However, this role comes with a lot of hard work according to Hayden.

“It’s a lot more time consuming and you really have little free time,” Hayden said. “There’s a lot more formation that you have to know.”

Avery Whitehead/ Furman University lacrosse

Avery Whitehead is playing D1 lacrosse at Furman University. So far, Whitehead has played in seven preseason games and scored six goals.

“Even though it’s a lot of work and dedication, I couldn’t imagine doing anything different. Conditioning is really hard and waking up at 6am for practice five times a week is never fun, but it is all worth it in the end,” Whitehead said. “I couldn’t be happier.”

Elizabeth Evans/ Texas Christian University cheer

Elizabeth Evans has continued her cheer career at Texas Christian University. The season is in full swing as she cheers on the TCU football team, which is currently ranked number four in the nation.

Evans, however, does not only cheer on the football team.

“We cheer at volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball and football so it’s a little different than St. George’s,” Evans said. “It is so fun and humbling to be able to represent TCU and support a wider range of sports.”

Evans is grateful for her experience at St. George’s and how it has prepared her for such a busy college schedule.

“After having to balance my school work, clubs and cheer at St. George’s, I already developed good study habits and knew how to balance a heavy schedule,” Evans said.