The student voice of St. George's Independent School.

The Lodge

The student voice of St. George's Independent School.

The Lodge

The student voice of St. George's Independent School.

The Lodge

Katelyn Grisham

Katelyn Grisham, Photography Editor

Photography editor Katelyn Grisham has a wit as quick as the shutter on her Canon, an eye for design and a real appreciation for some pretty terrible dad jokes. If you ever need someone to show you how to adjust your ISO, help you reverse text in InDesign or just set you straight on the merits of “Easy A,” Katelyn’s your girl. In her second year on the staff of the Lodge, she’s looking forward to creating great layouts, helping her fellow staffers to take better photos, and ensuring that everyone (yes, this means you) remembers to put the freaking lens cap back on.

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Mr. Sullivan focuses his attention on victory over his opponents. He started playing pinball as a college student in Santa Barbara, Calif. and has loved the game ever since.

[Photo] Pinballin’

Laura Beard, Reporter
May 17, 2018

[Photo] Pretty Privilege

Lauren Purdy, Opinion Editor
April 10, 2018
Mrs. Eyleen Farmer, grandmother of sophomore Caroline Finch, gives a chapel talk to Collierville campus students. Mrs. Farmer was one of many guests
who volunteered to speak at all-campus chapels.

[Photo] CHAPEL

Carolyn Lane, Editor-in-Chief
November 10, 2017
The statue of general Nathan Bedford forrest stands above the burial site of Forrest and his wife. The statue of the confederate general and early member of The Ku Klux Klan was erected in 1905.

[Photo] Focus of controversy

Lauren Purdy, Opinion Editor
November 10, 2017
Junior Emily Grace Rodgers looks down the girls lacrosse team line during the game against Hutchison. Rodgers was unable to play lacrosse this season after receiving a concussion over a year ago.

[Photo] Point of impact

Emma Bennett, Reporter
June 10, 2017
Senior Marshall Shanks winds down after sprinting. Shanks was St. Georges first student athlete to commit for track.

[Photo] Finish strong

Bayard Anderson, Sports Editor
February 14, 2017
A student walks to their next class. Students have felt more calm since implementing the new schedule.

[Photo] Rotated in

Caroline Zummach, Features Editor
October 4, 2016
Senior Noah Pope shows off Cutco knives for a demonstration in this posed photo. Pope has worked at Cutco for two years and has reached 40 percent commission.

[Photo] Money on their minds

Annie Vento, Editor-in-Chief
October 2, 2016
Senior Shoaf Robinson cleans a water glass. Robinson started working at Ridgeway Country Club about a year ago.

[Photo] Hard Day’s Night

Iona Yates, Entertainment Editor
September 29, 2016
Junior Carolyn Lane struggles to stay off social media. Lane referred to her phone-free week as her hell week.

[Photo] Life in the phone-fast lane

Carolyn Lane, Web Content Editor
October 11, 2016
Sophomore Caroline McDowell gives blood. McDowell was one of the many St. Georges students to give blood on Sept. 12.

[Photo] Bloody saints

Will Brown, Staff Writer
September 21, 2016
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