A Letter from the Lodge

As you may have noticed by now, the Gryphon Gazette is no longer a newspaper, nor is it the “Gryphon Gazette.” Since November, we have been working to produce a new way to deliver you the news, and now, we would like to formally introduce you to the new student-run news publication of St. George’s, the Lodge.

Over the last three years, the Gryphon Gazette has worked to evolve with the world we’re living in. In 2014, we went online, with thegryphongazette.org. In 2015, we became social with Instagram and Twitter (@NewsGryphs). In 2016, we won Best Overall Newspaper in the state of Tennessee from the Tennessee High School Press Association.

Recently, we asked ourselves how we could raise the bar even higher. And when we looked at some of the best high school newspapers across the country, we noticed they all had one thing in common: they weren’t newspapers at all – they were magazines, with more in-depth stories, more complex design and news that was more relevant to their student bodies.

For that reason, the Lodge is a student-run magazine, not a newspaper. As opposed to a typical 16-page newspaper with upwards of 12 stories, our magazine will hold closer to six stories that are more comprehensive. With this, we will be able to pursue the stories you care about and want to read, and we will be able to report on these with more breadth and detail.

Our new name, the Lodge, reflects the kind of magazine we want to be for you. We are for students, by students.

As students, we know our campus as “the Lodge” – it’s the name we use for the school on social media, it’s the name used by alumni when they return to St. George’s and it’s the name that justifies our ski-themed spirit days. It’s a name that represents our sense of community as a student body, a goal we as a magazine have with everything we report. We want the Lodge to be a place where we can gather as a family in the warmth of our shared community. With this magazine, we want you to feel like your voice is being heard in what topics we cover and how we cover on them, so bearing the name of “the Lodge” will be a constant reminder to us of that intent.

We cannot wait for what the future of the Lodge holds, and we hope you are excited as we are!