Keiara’s Top Ten Tik Toks:Dance challenges

Keiara reviews her top ten TikToks every week. This week she features her top ten Tik Tok dance challenges.


Photo: Ma

A recreation of the Tik Tok logo in reference to Keiara’s series.

Welcome back to top 10  Tik Toks with me Keiara

This week’s Tik Toks will feature various dance challenges. The challenges keep coming so let’s get to my top ten dance challenges 

The first dance I found quite interesting was one that took you way back. The  “Can’t Touch This challenge” is really fun to try when you are in your room enjoying the classic fun

If you are on Tik Tok I’m 99.9% sure you have seen this challenge. The next challenge is referred to as the “Hit the grove challenge”.

The next dance challenge is sure to “Crash the party”.

You wanted more dances? “Why don’t you Say So”.  The next dance challenge features artist Doja Cat’s hit “Say So” .

Is social distancing making you just wanna get up and dance? Then the nest dance is just for you. A recent dance challenge referred to as the “Distance Dance”.

“Work, work show me how you work” will be going on in your head all day but watching this dance and doing it along is so worth it.

Mashups we love them this one is of “ throw it back” with a Spanish remix attached

The next challenge is best known as the “lose control challenge”. The Lodge will always be the one to call when you lose control.

This next challenge will make you go “oh nanana”, super fun and challenging it is highly recommended.

The next one is sure to bring a giggle if you have ever seen the cartoon Max and Ruby.


I hope those made you get up and dance. I hope to see you back next week for Tik Toks with me. If you want to showcase your Tik Tok talents email me @[email protected] or add me on Tik [email protected] you never know you might just be featured in my top ten!