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Elle Vaughn

Elle Vaughn, Illustrator

If senior Elle Vaughn is not drawing, she is sitting at her computer, telling herself she should be productive, before giving up and drawing the rest of the day. Elle can usually be spotted wearing her “I am retired, golf is my life” hat, one of her most prized possessions, around town. Elle is known for her sense of humor, always cracking jokes even in the most awkward situations.

“I tell jokes to cover up the fact that I am a shadow of a person,” Elle said.

Elle is the kind of person to go to a party and notice the dog first, as she has a dog of her own, a weimaraner named Captain. She is an INFP personality type, meaning that she is laidback and sincere. Among her many quirks is her inability to drink water unless it is freezing cold. Elle is going to be the Lodge’s first-ever illustrator this year, so look for her artwork scattered among the issues’ pages.

All content by Elle Vaughn


February 14, 2017

[Photo] Why McMullin

November 14, 2016

[Photo] Why Clinton

November 12, 2016

[Photo] Why Trump

November 10, 2016
Just up the river

Just up the river

October 27, 2016

[Photo] Playing Up

October 1, 2016
Faculty members give blood. The blood drive was held on Sept. 12.

[Photo] Bloody saints

September 21, 2016

[Photo] Rejected?

May 12, 2016
A house stands cracked amongst the neighborhoods in this illustration. Although I dont live in a picture-perfect family and have two houses, my parents divorce has taught me responsibility, independence and the value in differences.

[Photo] The D-Word

March 31, 2016
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