5 Questions with Jacquavious Pryor


Photo: Claire Rooney

Jacquavious Pryor smiles for the camera in his new glasses. If someone is ever looking for him, Mrs. Metz's room is a great place to start.

1. How is football as a senior?

“Football as a senior is great because it is my last year of high school football which is the best year of football. This senior year is great because you want to leave a legacy on the program.”

2. How have you changed since when you came sophomore year?

“I have not changed that much from sophomore year when I came to St. George’s but I have built a lot more relationships with teachers and students.”

3. How are you juggling sports and school?

“I am juggling sports and school by telling myself every day that I am a student before I am an athlete, but when struggle and get behind on work I get help from other students and Mrs. Metz.”

4. Do you like your new glasses?

“I love my new glasses because it makes everything look more HD.”

5. Are you planning on dunking during basketball this year?

“I am planning on dunking this year for basketball because I have been trying to keep my weight down through football season so that it will help for basketball.”