Five Questions with Trotter Jones


Photo: Kaitlyn Bowman

Trotter Jones poses for a photo. For fall break, he headed to Italy along with a good amount of the soccer team.

1. Are you going anywhere for fall break? If so, where?

“Yes, Italy.”

2. Spring break vs. fall break. Which one and why?

“Probably spring break because of the weather.”

3. Favorite activity to do over fall break?

“Most of it is going to be doing soccer. That’s what we’re doing all the time. Half of our [soccer] team is going.”

4. What are your thoughts about having to do school work over fall break?

“It’s not terrible, but it’s not the best either. Just doing it one step at a time, and not doing it all at once.”

5. If you could have any celebrity accompany you on your trip, who would it be?

“Probably just a soccer player, Paulo Dybla.”