Scoring a new coach

St. George’s gets new girls defensive varsity lacrosse coach


The girls lacrosse team dances before a practice. The team recently added Coach Rachel Smith to their staff.

     This season the St. George’s Girls Varsity Lacrosse team has welcomed Coach Rachael Smith as the new defensive assistant coach.

     Coach Smith attended St. George’s for fifteen years and began playing lacrosse in the sixth grade. Her lacrosse career really took off when she entered high school.

     “In high school I was an All-American for two years,” Coach Smith said. “I started the recruiting process my freshman year of high school and committed to the University of Vermont by my junior year.”

     In Vermont, she continued her playing lacrosse as a Division 1 athlete. When offered a position as a coach at St. George’s, Coach Smith jumped at the opportunity.

     “I grew up at St. George’s,” Coach Smith said. “I spent the majority of my life there, and I know that they have a great program. I wanted to help build it up, and I wanted to educate people more about lacrosse. I figured what’s a better place to start than where I first started.”

     Current coaches include head coach Jim Murphy, who has coached for three years, and assistant coach Jeff Ross, who has coached for two years. Coach Smith was added as the first female varsity coach this year, and has enjoyed her coaching experience.

     “My favorite part has been getting to know the each of the girls, getting to teach the girls what I’ve learned throughout the years and watching them be successful,” Smith said.

     Many of the girls on the team are also happy Coach Smith has joined the program.

     “I think Rachael has been really helpful,” senior Amelia Griffin said. “She knows what we all have to go through in high school since she is close to our age, and also since she just got out of playing on the collegiate level, she knows what works and what doesn’t work.”

     The girl’s lacrosse season officially began in March, and will end in late April. Overall, both players and coaches hope to finish strong.

     “I think we will do a lot better than last year,” senior and captain Margaret Powe said. “We need to keep working on our communication and just improving our skills.”