Hidden gems: croquet is king

A different sport on the rise

Croquet (pronounced crow-Kay) is a sport most people do not give much thought. When thinking of this sport, most people have images of an upper class British family enjoying a leisurely game on the lawn of their stately manor. In this stereotype, they would actually be mostly correct since the game was invented by the British elite and is still widely practiced by such, yet this is beside the point. Croquet is what I would consider to be the most underrated sport in the world.

Croquet has everything anybody would ever want in a sport: action, strategy and intensity. The excitement of going through a wicket and hitting a stake, the sweet sound of a mallet making solid contact with the ball and the sweet taste of victory cannot be matched. Although I have never actually played a game of croquet myself, I assume these things to be true based on the YouTube tutorial and other intensive research on the subject.

Believe it or not, this sport actually has a governing body within the United States as well as international competitions in which croquet-ers from all around the world compete to claim the title of World Champion of croquet. Stephen Mulliner of England claimed the 2016 World Championship title, making him the oldest champion ever at age 62. Mr. Mulliner’s age proves another important benefit to the participation in croquet: the universality.

Croquet is a sport that can be enjoyed by all age groups, genders, races and nationalities. All one needs is arms, a patch of grass and a croquet set. Croquet, unlike many other team sports, has about equal recognition for the participation of both sexes and can be played by both toddlers and the elderly. Croquet is the sport of the people – all the people.

Learning croquet will give people the ability to play a fun and enjoyable sport for their entire life, no matter their background or demographic. Croquet is the future.