Lounging Around With Jacob (A 5 Questions With)

Just a short interview with Senior Jacob Riles about his newly founded Art Lounge


Photo: Claire Rooney

Designed by Jacob Riles

What is the Art Lounge?

“Essentially, I wanted to set up a space for students to work on art even if they’re not good at it. Because it’s a very therapeutic experience, if you’re just making something and just the act of using both of your hands to do something productive.”

What inspired the Art Lounge?
“I sort of had a similar experience I last year just working on art in x-block every day. It was mostly my experience with painting that led me to put this together. It’s just really relaxing; just having something to do that’s not schoolwork or, you know, super stressful. And I also noticed that other people were having a similar experience with art, So why not make I my senior independent study out of it?”

Was it hard to make your vision for your Art Lounge and therefor your SIS come true?

“It wasn’t that difficult. It just took some time to get the wheels rolling I couldn’t really do much for the entire first semester because, you know, everyone was so busy. I was super busy with writing and college applications. But now that most of that’s out of the way, it’s been significantly easier to send the emails to the people I need to talk to and put together the schedule
and it’s a lot more relaxing now.”

Did you design the poster yourself?

“I designed the entire post for myself, I actually used a print that I made this semester as part of the design.”

A print from printing class?

“Yes, printmaking class and I used the first thing I made which was a bird with the antlers I call it a groose because it’s like a grouse and a moose.”

What do you hope people get out of the Art Lounge?

“I just hope that people can have the same sort of experience that I had, just to sort of , to have a nice relaxing space where they can just maybe not forget about I work and stress but to take a break from it.”

We all know you are like kind of an incredible artist, are you thinking about like going to art school? And what is art’s role in your life?
“It’s funny I’m not actually going to, I’m not planning on going to a school that specializes in art per se, although I could. I’m mainly looking for, well I use art as my Way to destress and to make life more beautiful because, you know, it can be kind of dreary sometimes. But I as far as college goes, as long as I have a place where I can make stuff, I’m happy.”