5 Questions With Mrs. Dean

Mrs. Dean sits down with The Lodge to talk about the new middle school play


Photo: Spencer Cotham

Karen Dean sits down for a picture. Mrs. Dean was very excited to talk about the new middle school play, “Schoolhouse Rock!”

1. What is this show about?

“This show is about a teacher who’s starting his very first teaching job. It’s the very first day of school, and he’s very nervous about teaching these kids. Basically, everything in the show happens in his head.”

2. How excited are you for the show?

“I’m really excited! These kids are so cute! They’re so excited, and the enthusiasm is everywhere. That’s what really makes it fun.”

3. Is all the cast excited to be in the show?

“Of course! We started out with 34 kids auditioning, and I only ended up having to cut a handful. I wanted to cast 15, but I ended up casting 22.”

4. Do you think the St. George’s community will enjoy the show?

“I think they’ll love it! The little kids will love it, and I think the teachers will love it because it’s all about grammar. There’s a lot of grammar, math and science, so it’s kind of a learning show!”

5. When do rehearsals start/end/when is the show date?

“Rehearsals start Tuesday (November 6th), and the show is January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th.”