The Lodge

Laura McDowell
Don’t let Laura’s “constant suffering” during newspaper class fool you; she actually loves it. As a second year Newsgryph, Laura is the Editor of Communications and a member of the editorial board. It’s rare to see Laura leave school at 3:15, and one of her greatest Newsgryph's achievements occurred when she spent six hours after school doing copy edits and layout edits in order to go to press on time. Though pumpkin is often known as the flavor of fall, don’t bring it near Laura since it’s one of her least favorite foods (it’s a texture thing). One of the most interesting facts about her is that her birthday occurs on the same day as Joe Biden’s: Nov. 20. Her loyalty stretches across oceans, and she is fiercely devoted to everyone who is lucky enough to call her a friend.

Laura McDowell, Communications Editor

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