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Bayard Anderson
Not only has Bayard Anderson (Pronounced Buy-ard) won awards for his Bonsai tree in a local gardening competition, but also for his articles in the newspaper. When Bayard is not putting the newly finished lacrosse wall to good use, he is usually engaged in his other favorite pastime, fly fishing. When asked what three things he would bring with him onto a desert Island, Bayard simply responded, “A copy of the Oxford English Dictionary, a pair of skis, and a shovel and pail to make sandcastles,” a testament to his great sense of humor. Bayard has never been short of self-confidence as when asked who his idol was he replied, “The person I see in the mirror each morning.” As a second-year member of the Lodge, Bayard is most looking forward to adding to his state championship collection and is excited to be a part of such a great staff of writers.

Bayard Anderson, Sports Editor

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