The Lodge

ENissa Golden

E'Nissa Golden, Editor

Returning to the Lodge for her second year, Senior E’Nissa Golden is enthusiastic to see what this year has to offer. She has been a student at St. George’s for as long as she can remember and can’t wait to continue to share her incredible artistic talents with the Lodge again. Her interests are sketched onto paper as her pencil glides along the lines of her future. E’Nissa aims to major in an art-related subject in college and dreams of living in either Sweden or Finland. If you asked whether she likes traditional or digital drawing more, she would tell you that she prefers traditional pen and paper over digital! Her favorite food is ice cream and says that Oreo flavor is a must! If you are looking for one of E’Nissa’s beautiful illustrations, take a look at almost any illustration on the website and you will probably find it was signed by her.

All content by E'Nissa Golden