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The final challenge

The final challenge

Anna Marie Beard, Copy-Editor April 13, 2015

The final hurdle every senior class has to overcome at St. George’s is Global Challenge. The second component of the senior class project, Global Challenge entails students being randomly divided into...

Mr. Jason Hills chats with interested sophomore and junior students about his plans for the Citizenship program next year. Mr. Hills visited St. George’s on Monday, March 30, to introduce himself to students, faculty and parents through presentations and  an informal lunch discussion.

Institute for Citizenship welcomes Mr. Jason Hills

Annie Vento, Sports Editor/Copy Editor April 10, 2015

After more than two months of candidate interviews and nearly four months following Mr. Luther Mercer’s announcement of his departure, Mr. Jason Hills has been selected as the Citizenship Institute teacher. Applicants...

Hoos Got Your Back?

Hoos Got Your Back?

Miriam Brown and Kai Taylor February 10, 2015

On Nov. 19, 2014, Rolling Stone magazine released an article chronicling the experience of a female student at the University of Virginia who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by fraternity members....

Live, Remember and Tell the World

Live, Remember and Tell the World

Juliana Wall, Photo Editor/ Opinion Editor January 14, 2015

“In 1941, as we trudged along the Death March, starving and broken on the freezing roads, my mother, of blessed memory, would say to me over and over, ‘Du must leb, du gedenken, du must dertzeiln der...

Mr. Williams poses next to his candy table with his grandchildren and their friends.  The kids then later went trick-or-treating in their  costumes.

The Candyman of Halle Plantation

Juliana Wall, Photo Editor/Opinion Editor November 14, 2014

Every brisk Halloween night, somewhere around four-hundred children’s eyes light up as they each receive an entire bag’s worth of candy from the Candyman. Mr. Claude Williams, a resident of Halle...

Carter Burgess works hard during his independent study hall. He signed up to take four AP classes his junior year.

Academics to the extreme: Seniors graduate with 10 AP courses

Emily Persons, Staff Writer October 29, 2014

Many consider one AP class a challenge, but senior Kelsey Pepper hasn’t seen so few APs since her sophomore year. Pepper is coming to the end of her high school career having taken 10 AP courses total:...

Students wore black to display their participation in BPI. St. Georges did not condone this divisive behavior when it occurred several years ago.

BPI sorority strives to emerge from the shadows

Lexie Marotta and Taylor Owens October 29, 2014

Each year, a message goes out to the sophomore girls asking if they would like to participate in an organization. This group is not endorsed by the school and has held a questionable reputation in the...

Students line up to enter their pin numbers in order to purchase their meals. The new checkout system led to slow lines at the start of the year.

Flik Dining now serving St. George’s

Lexie Marotta, Editor-In-Chief August 29, 2014
St. George’s switched their dining service from Sodexo to Flik Independent School Dining as of this school year.
Students use the new Flik setup. This corner, formerly dedicated to microwaves, now houses panini presses.

New Carpet, New You

Anna Marie Beard, Writer August 28, 2014

One of the many changes resulting from the switch to Flik Independent School Dining Services is the adoption of a new lunchroom design. Several of these changes are very visible, such as the addition of...

TTYL: Teachers and students must find new way to communicate

TTYL: Teachers and students must find new way to communicate

Caroline Cannon, Head Layout Editor August 27, 2014

This school year’s new texting policy, preventing students and faculty from communicating via text, was put in place in order to prevent future inappropriate situations from arising at St. George’s, due...

Senior Cole McLemore and sophomore Henry Adkins struggle with Veracross. Students raised many complaints about the system.

Veracross receives mixed feelings

Courtney Harshbarger, Writer August 27, 2014

The student information system Veracross is replacing sixteen school systems this year in an attempt to improve school operation, but many students are unhappy with this change. The bulk of complaints...

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