Five Questions with Boo McWaters

1. What should guys wear to the dance?

“Typically khaki pants and a button down. It’s similar to homecoming, maybe a coat would be good or a tie, but it’s definitely not required for them to wear a suit. It’s more casual than that.”

2. What should people expect?

“I think it should be a lot of fun. We have DJ Epic, which is always a great time. He’s got his fog hose. We have a really good turnout so far with ticket sales. I think it should be a good time.”

3. Can we expect any surprises or secrets?

“Well, yeah. When it comes to the King of Hearts, that’s gonna be a surprise.”

4. How will the dance be different from last year’s dance?

“Well, DJ Epic is here. We have the freshman class and the senior class from last year is gone. It’s a lot of new people. It should be just a good time. There’s a lot of different people planning it too.”

5. How long did it take you guys to plan this dance?

“We started planning this a long time ago and it took us a while. We got it down to business, getting it all organized together.”