“The Last Jedi” or the last straw?

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read this if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet. If you have, enjoy the following banter between the Light Side, represented by Evan Dorian and Emma Pounders, and the Dark Side, represented by Hudson Beaudry, Spence Burford and Andrew McDowell as they debate the good and the bad of the newest Star Wars movie.

Light Side: I think The Last Jedi was just as good as almost every other Star Wars movie. Don’t you guys agree?

Dark Side: Absolutely not. There were only two good scenes in the entire movie: the light-speed ramming of Snoke’s ship and the scene in which Rey and Kylo fought Snoke’s guards. Most of the movie was pretty dull, pointless and emotionless. I wanted it to be over.

Light Side: How can you say that? I would watch this movie every day if I had the chance! There’s so much to like about The Last Jedi.

Dark Side: It was a boring mess! Disney is starting to do things differently, and badly. In the past, Star Wars has done a good job of going to the edge of what is believable, but they’ve never crossed that line.

Light Side: I don’t see the problem! Bringing change to the franchise and adding some borderline-unbelievable elements is exciting.

Dark Side: I agree that they need to change things up so they’re not doing the same thing repeatedly, but it would be better if they avoided contradictions.

Light Side: Like what? You mean the Force?

Dark Side: Yes! The Force-sensitive characters were made out to be god-like wizards. In The Last Jedi, the Force totally changed, to the point where Leia, someone who is not a trained Jedi, can harness the power of the Force to keep herself alive in space.

Light Side: And what’s wrong with that?

Dark Side: That’s not how the Force works!

Light Side: But it’s exciting to think that people as incredible as Luke, Leia, Rey, and Kylo Ren are capable of doing things like projecting themselves across the galaxy, bridging their minds and harnessing the Force’s energy to escape certain death. It’s fun to be able to marvel at what you don’t understand when you’re watching a movie.

Dark Side: Speaking of what I didn’t understand, why were certain terrible characters so involved with the story? Admiral Holdo is presented as being important, but I know nothing about her! She could have easily been replaced by Admiral Ackbar, a well-established character. Also, the entire storyline surrounding Rose ended up being pointless, and accomplished nothing aside from serving as an outlet for Disney’s political commentary.

Light Side: Politics aren’t part of this! You can read into it all you want, but I care more about the key elements of the story. The character development around Rey, the obvious protagonist, was interesting and gave us a new sense of what it means to be a Jedi.

Dark Side: Rey has no excuse for being so powerful! I don’t want to accept that she’s just “special.” That’s a cop-out. When you’ve written a character into a hole, you should find a creative way to find a way out of that hole for the character, either by killing that person off or resolving the problem with good writing.

Light Side: Don’t you think the movie accomplished that?

Dark Side: No! There were too many things that weren’t believable, and there were plot holes all over the place. If there are plot holes, the movie doesn’t have anything going for it.

Light Side: Yes it does! The salt planet Crait was a an interesting new planet, and the visuals in Snoke’s throne room and at the ancient Jedi temple were perfect. Also, it was exciting to see the allusion to Rogue One, when the First Order was able to track the Resistance through hyperspace.

Dark Side: Fair enough. The visuals were definitely very appealing, and I appreciated the nod to Rogue One.

Light Side: Obviously, the franchise is changing. I recognize this is a sensitive issue to many fans, but in our view, it is changing for the better. People need to stop disparaging the movie for production issues or minor problems in the plot, and appreciate it for the beauty of the story.

Dark Side: Yeah…we’re just hoping for more anthology films like Rogue One. Keep those up, Disney, but maybe stop making trilogies. No more bad movies, please.