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Students protest unfair hair rules in Pretoria, South Africa. The protest was documented on Twitter for the world to see.

Racism or just rules?

Regine Miller, Reporter November 18, 2016

“Hair is political.” These are the words of Charles M. Blow’s daughter, as stated by him in his New York Times OP-ED, “Age of Identity.” In a day and age in which more and more African...

Hate speech is free speech, too

Hate speech is free speech, too

Annie Vento, Editor in Chief November 16, 2016

Who do you think supports free speech more, Democrats or Republicans? While Republicans are viewed as supporters of economic freedom, it’s often Democrats who have the reputation as defenders of civil...

In this posed photo, junior Katelyn Grisham votes for Honor Council while her friend, junior Carolyn Lane, watches closely. Lane believes that administration should have a say in student elections.

Ruling the school

Carolyn Lane, Web Content Editor November 15, 2016

The 2016 presidential election was considered “a disappointing franchise entry” according to Forbes. One candidate was called a liar while the other was deemed a racist, and many believed neither should...

Protecting families, preserving lives

Protecting families, preserving lives

Samantha Patton, Contributor November 14, 2016

Some nights as a child, I would be woken up in the middle of the night by the blaring sound of our house alarm, the machine screaming, “INTRUDER, INTRUDER,” over and over again. I would run to my parents’...

Guns are a responsibility, not a right

Guns are a responsibility, not a right

Blair Smithwick, Contributor November 14, 2016

Each year, more than 30,000 people die from guns in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. While the Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, this freedom...

Why McMullin

Why McMullin

Evan Dorian, Contributor November 14, 2016

Recently, more than a few Republican leaders have come out in open opposition of Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s unfortunate nominee for president. It’s a good thing I waited to endorse a candidate...

Why Clinton

Why Clinton

Connor Lambert, Contributor November 12, 2016

One of the major questions of this election cycle is not of policy or substance, but rather “How did we end up here?” A majority of people seem appalled at the choice of candidates, yet many of...

Why Trump

Why Trump

Jacob Saripkin, Contributor November 10, 2016

Yes, I support Donald Trump. I guess that makes me a deplorable, huh? How can I support someone who has been called racist, sexist, xenophobic and whatever description the mainstream media (MSM) can...

Junior Lauren Purdy writes smart or stupid on a white board. The debate over the definition of dyslexia has evolved over time and should eventually reach a middle ground.

Dyslexic Goldilocks

Annika Conlee, Reporter November 3, 2016

At three, I mumbled but never spoke. In second grade, unable to do daily timed math work sheets, I would cheat. That same year, embarrassed by my difficulty with writing, I would fiercely cover my paper...

SG responds to the Commercial Appeal

SG responds to the Commercial Appeal

The Commercial Appeal ran a story in May 2016 about St. George’s three-campus model and the first five graduates to begin their journey on the Memphis Campus, titled “Pioneering St. George’s Students...

I am not a starving artist

I am not a “starving artist”

Elle Vaughn, Illustrator October 13, 2016

I remember my first art commission. An upperclassman approached me, asking if I could create an illustration, saying she would definitely pay me for my work. I accepted. I worked constantly for a full...

Editorial: How we can protect the honor code from favoritism, ambiguity

The Gryphon Gazette Staff October 4, 2016

The St. George’s Honor Code is an essential part to our identity as a school. It’s everywhere: hung in every classroom, written on every assessment and recited in every chapel. All students are well...

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