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Class of 2017 senior wills

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Henry Adkins wills his curse of being treated as a freshman through all four years of high school to Shaun Burgess.

Jodie Albert wills being torn between going to Canada and staying in America to Carly Owens.

Erica Alexander wills the winter cheer team to Lauren Purdy and Alexis Turner.

Bayard Anderson wills the notorious number 4 to Bartrem Reeves Mueller-may it bring him much happiness and many goals.

John Barton wills his outstanding leadership of the swim team to Tyler Wilson.

Grace Bennett wills being Dr. Leung’s favorite student to Emma Bennett.

Anna Besh wills the veggies to Jacqueline Cole.

Matthew Blum wills his GoPro editing skills to Connor Longfield.

Chloe Booth wills the title of the best Chloe in the school to Chloe Boggan.

Katie Boyle wills her extensive “Grey’s Anatomy” knowledge to all incoming anatomy students.

Ryan Bray wills being on the basketball team solely for comedic value to Harrison Mullaney.

Chris Broome wills his pottery skills to all future potters.

Miriam Brown wills her terrible sleep habits to Carolyn Lane.

Sydney Brown wills her soccer skills to the entire soccer team.

Jimbo Cayce wills his exquisite drawing skills to Anna Grace Porter. Becca Chandler wills her lost art in Ms. Rose’s room to Danielle Chandler.

Mark Clark wills his tweener skills to John Kimball.

Channell Cole wills softball power posing to Caroline Zummach.

Cecelia Cordera wills being the FASTEST cross-country senior to Carson Moriarty.

Isabel Correia wills leading senior-led runs and soccer practices in the summer to Olivia Fitzgerald.

Grady Cotham wills being the guy who listens to all the Pyros complaints to Spencer Cotham.

Deon Crum wills his JV senior captain spot to Daniel Quesada.

Anna Darty wills her honorable spot on the softball bench to Claire Rooney and her tiny glove to Ellie Franklin.

Essence Davis wills her unending tears to Miaya Smith, her rolly backpack to Timber, and her hopes for a better tomorrow to Christiana.

Rachel Ducker wills her ongoing cry count in Dr. Robertson’s room to Emily Grace.

Elizabeth Evans wills the luck of the golden bloomers to Allison Evans (bring home a white jacket to match).

Caroline Farrell wills the job of finding the next redhead for the cross-country team to Rachel Umansky.

Anna Claire Fox wills the title of the best Fox sister at St. George’s to Ella Fox.

Hayes Franklin wills the stress of planning prom to Ellie Franklin. (Good luck making it better than this year’s.)

Alice Fu wills luck to the next student who haunts Mrs. Smothers’ room during lunch… studyhalls…and after school…

Kneeland Gammill wills the ‘driftwood’ in Mr. Peters’ office to the next Prefect of Student Life.

Ben Glass wills the position of QB1 to Spencer Smith.

Maggie Glosson wills being Eddie’s favorite on the water polo team to Winston Margaritis.

Nick Goode wills a single Ticonderoga pencil to Evan Dorian.

Brook Goodman wills her broken Lexus to Win. (Good luck!)

Jack Goodman wills his infamous beard to Hudson Beaudry.

Robert Grissom wills the entire chorus, literally, to Ben Sawyers.

John Carter Hawkins wills the Bleacher Creatures to a worthy successor.

Chase Hayden wills his football locker to Bryan Payne.

Lorin Helfenstein wills his physics PhD to Dalton Reese.

JD Hibner wills the leadership of Modern Music Ensemble to Bart Mueller.

Gavin Hidaji wills his random one-liners in AP English to whoever is worthy.

Shane Horton wills Kenya to Sara Washington.

James Houston wills his Flik ID to Preston Truelove and David Fisk.

Larry Hubbard wills his red Nike baseball bat to Eli Reese.

Faith Huff wills all of the hot sauce bottles in the lunchroom to Chloe Boggan.

Cailyn Jackson wills her hugs to Asia Gibson.

Devon Johnson wills his title of King of Hearts to Charlie Hancock.

Corey Jones wills his touchdown celebrations and #1 to Isaac Smith.

Julie Anne Joyner wills her job of setting up the volleyball nets every practice to Kate Seabrook and Abby Walker.

Travis Kelley wills his Easton bat to John Horne.

Anne Garland Kelsey wills her collection of tardies to Mrs. Taylor.

Spencer Landau wills his mediocre programming skills to Theo Carr.

Christian Lenoir wills being the better brother to Cameron Turner.

Megan Lenoir wills her love of all things Citizenship to Kate Seabrook.

Kendall LoCascio wills her “completely school appropriate” Spanish Spotify playlist to Señora Reed.

Gracie Maiden wills her height to Sarah McDonald.

John Slater Mann wills Christoph’s favoritism to the Tree Frogs.

Lauren Marotta wills her amazing breaststroke talent to Gabby Acker.

Paige Marotta wills Bayard Anderson to Ann Wallace Scott.

Mimi McCarroll wills all of her athletic ability and her job of being a mom to Ginny McCarroll.

Will McDaniel wills his role of having the best flow on the lacrosse team to Bart Mueller.

HK McDowell wills her tennis racquet and sense of humor to Caroline McDowell.

Laura McDowell wills the last of her remaining sanity to Dr. Robertson.

Johnathan McNeill wills his FBLA co-presidency to Charlie Hancock.

Alex Middleton wills the farthest spot on Ruffin’s bench to Nic Taylor.

Regine Miller wills “The Garment” to Christiana Nyarko.

Kylan Mitchell wills his making the faculty mad to Tyler Beasley.

Eva Neel wills her incredibly fashionable shoe style to Dalton Reese.

Grace Optican wills being the recipient of Hannah Grace Howell and Annie Bran’s pranks to Sarah Grace Waddell.

Britney Pepper wills her Calculus AB and BC spirals to Lindsey Pepper.

Emily Persons wills her record cross-country times to Annie Murff.

Audrey Pisahl wills her awkwardness and lewd sense of humor to Will Brown.

Noah Pope wills his football locker to Ja’quavious and his shooting ability to Hagan Imorde.

Grant Poteet wills his senior spot on the basketball team to Hagan Imorde.

Abbi Roberts wills her wisdom to Rachel Umansky.

Shoaf Robinson wills his bass-slapping powers to Will Wirth.

Will Ryan wills the beautiful tan volvo to Alec White, Steven White and Will Johns.

Jacob Saripkin wills making the VA club great again to Hudson Beaudry.

Marshall Shanks wills dominating the track program and breaking records to Bryan Payne.

Beck Sims wills his honorary Folk’s Folly apron to Robert Weaver.

Graham Sisson wills his senior leadership of Nirvana Ultimate to Winston Margaritis.

Austin Skinner wills his truck to Jake Notowich.

Dawson Smith wills his guitar-playing abilities to carry on the Ensemble to Bart Mueller.

Makayla Smith wills the corner in which she sleeps every other day in the senior lounge to Timber King.

Ben Stamps wills the football #55 to Sam Stamps.

Alton Stovall wills his most star-spangled bow tie to Bennett Matson.

Matt Sullivan wills the weight room to Peyton Zaugg.

Kai Taylor wills her French notes to Malaisyah Vann (even though she takes Spanish).

Sarah Thompson wills always carrying snacks (especially grapes) to Annika Thompson.

Megan Umansky wills being the annoying vegan to Rachel Umansky.

JR Upton wills having the freshest chop to Darren Ratliff.

Elle Vaughn wills all her art talent to Dr. Robertson’s classroom (because she doesn’t need that in college…).

Annie Vento wills being the Vento who does journalism to Maggie, the Vento who does Model UN and YIG to Jack, and the Vento who does theater to Kate.

Luke Wagerman wills Connor Green’s first-basemen’s mitt to Griffin Gillam.

Mason Walker wills his punctuality to Abby.

Cassie Warlick wills her ability to initiate deep conversations to Cameron Head.

Mary White wills being 5’1” to Iris Brashear.

Avery Whitehead wills the care and keeping of her frog, Joseph, to Dalton Reese.

Morgan Wirth wills his calculus ability to Bordo.

Grayson Woodyard wills her chickens to Mr. Masters.

Q Wooten wills his speed to Bryan Payne “so he can actually have a chance of beating me in a race.”

Shon Wooten wills his saying “Just Some Light” to Isaac Smith.

Iona Yates wills going on a gap year and eating at 3-star Michelin restaurants to Blair Smithwick.

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