Bye Abdul!

St. George’s bids farewell to a foreign friend

Maita talks with classmates during advisory. Maita returned to Lebanon on Sept. 20.

Students and faculty at St. George’s held a going away party last Friday for Abdul Maita, a transfer student from Lebanon who has been attending St. George’s since the school year began.

The party, which was held in Mrs. Freya Kridle’s room during x-block, involved cake, pictures and presents for Maita.

Students and faculty presented Maita with a ping pong paddle, which was signed by his fellow classmates at the party, to commemorate his time at St. George’s.

The party was held by Ms. Jessica Hardy, Associate Director of College Guidance and Maita’s advisor, who provided the cake and took pictures of the event.

Junior Ellie Franklin described her feelings about Maita’s departure at the party.

“I’m going to miss [Maita] so much,” Franklin said.

The party was held on Maita’s last day at St. George’s, a happy and positive end to his six-month adventure in Memphis.

“I think he had a great time,” said Franklin. “I think he is going to miss all of us.”