Embracing the spice of life

Los Picosos' new location continues to satisfy its customers

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In Spanish, the words “Los Picosos” translate loosely to “The Spicies,” and as far as the food at this local Mexican restaurant goes, it definitely lives up to its meaning.

Oscar Rivera and his wife, Martha Rivera, started Los Picosos after moving to Memphis in April of 2005. Since its opening, the restaurant has taken off and made its way into the hearts of many Memphians.

The eatery is now located at 3937 Poplar Avenue Memphis, Tenn., after a change in location caused the restaurant to close down for some time.

The taqueria boasts a hefty menu, comprised of authentic recipes straight from Queretaro, Mexico. Their delicious tortas, smoky carne asada, amazing tacos and overly-stuffed burritos are the truth, and coming from me, that’s saying a lot. The rice and beans are no different: they are bursting with flavor, which makes them absolutely life-changing.

It is rare to find quality, authentic Mexican food in Memphis (and no, Chipotle and El Mezcal do not count). With that being said, this place is one of the best and most genuine places that a Memphian can find.

My favorite menu item, the chicken torta, is one of the most mouth-watering things that has ever blessed my tastebuds. It is essentially the traditional Mexican version of a chicken sandwich, but trust me, it is like nothing you have had before. The torta’s thick, warm bun is laden with fresh avocados, lettuce, tomato, and lots of cheese. And I cannot even begin to rave about the house-made salsa, queso, and tortilla chips.. what were we saying about authentic again?

All in all, the restaurant has a great atmosphere, great service, a wholesome family vibe and amazing food. If you want a true Mexican culinary experience, this is probably the closest you can get north of the border.

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