Welcome to society, ladies!

The junior girls sit for one last group picture before the presentation at Cotillion. The 2016 Wolf River Cotillion took place on Saturday, Jan. 23.

Elise Fong, Opinion Editor

This past Saturday, Jan. 23, 25 junior girls were introduced into society at the 2016 Wolf River Cotillion. Along with the junior girls, sophomore girls with mothers on the board and senior girls who were inducted last year were present and watched as each girl was presented. With the opening presentation of the girls lasting an hour, each and every girl looked stunning in their flowing, white ballgown.

During the presentation, each girl was walked onto the stage by their father and then escorted out by their date. As every junior girl was welcomed onto the stage, I can safely say that all of us seniors were raving about happy we were that the junior girls were experiencing this moment for the first time and having one of the best nights of their life. Though, in all honestly, we were mainly just proud sisters talking about how gorgeous they all looked.

Afterwards, all of the inductees, as well as their dates, families and other guests, were invited to the dinner service, which had notably little seating. Although many remained standing for dinner, it was still an enjoyable meal, exemplified by how quickly the gourmet mac and cheese ran out.

Now, here comes everyone’s favorite part of the Wolf River Cotillion: the silver ball. Guests watched the tear-jerking father-daughter dance as the song “My Girl” by The Temptations played in the background. But, as if that in itself wasn’t sweet enough, the junior girls’ dates swooped in at the end of the song, and surprised by wearing light-up glasses. Even though staying at the ball until eleven o’clock at night may seem dreadful to some, trust me when I say it is one of the fanciest and best nights of your life. And come on, who doesn’t want to dress and feel like a princess for one night?

So, for all of you out there hating on cotillion, I think I speak for all past and present cotillion inductees when I say you need to try it before you judge it. Although it may not be your cup of tea, both the junior girls who were inducted and other guests all expressed absolute joy and happiness after cotillion.

“It’s a lot of waiting around, but it’s all super fun once you get past the presentation,” junior Jodie Albert, one of the twenty-five girls inducted, said.

“Cotillion was a magical night filled with mystery and wonder,” junior Dawson Smith, an escort to inductee Anna Darty, said.

“It was really nice being able to go back as a senior to see the entire thing from a different perspective, which allowed me to enjoy my entire cotillion experience more,” senior Jane shelby, a returning member of cotillion, said.