Elementary students prove they are tough enough


Photo: Kendall LoCascio

Junior-kindergarten students race across the practice field. All elementary students participated in various distance races held all over the Collierville campus.

Kendall LoCascio, Features Editor/Copy Editor

Tough Enough is a tradition held for elementary school students in which students can compete against their grade members in various running contests and enjoy some family fun. Each grade has a different distance that they run, increasing in length each year.

This tradition used to be held at the Germantown campus, but has been held at the Collierville campus in recent years due to the continuously increasing number of participants and their supportive families. This year, Tough Enough took place at the Collierville campus on Friday, Oct. 30, and it ended with Elementary night at the last in-season-home football game of the year.

“I like how it’s really fun and how it gets us active! My favorite memory was passing one of my bestest friends in the race,” third grader Abbi Whitehead said. Although this is a friendly competition, students enjoy competing against their peers in this annual St. George’s tradition and remember it years on down the road.

“I loved Tough Enough. I would always get very competitive and try to win, and then you’d get ice cream after so, hey, that’s a plus,” junior Avery Whitehead said.