Faculty leave St. George’s to take on new adventures


Photo: Kristi Schulz

Brad Schulz, brother of Mrs. Kristi Schulz, cleans apples at their orchard in Indiana. Mrs. Schulz has decided to try something different and will be working on a similar orchard next year.

Many teachers come and go from St. George’s every year, whether they are leaving to teach elsewhere or possibly retiring. This year, however, teachers are heading towards some unexpected paths that may surprise the student body and surrounding community.

Mrs. Kristi Schulz, the Upper School chemistry teacher who has been teaching for 20 years, is retiring and returning to her hometown in Indiana, where she will grow apples and peaches on an orchard with occasional chemistry tutoring on the side.

“So we’re going to be farmers,” Mrs. Schulz added.

It was not an anticipated move, but when the opportunity arose, Mr. and Mrs. Schulz decided it was time for something different.

“We are looking forward to a new type of hard work,” Mrs. Schulz said.

Mr. Aaron Thompson, chair of the mathematics department and St. George’s veteran of eight years, has accepted a position teaching at Horace Mann School in Bronx, N.Y.

“An opportunity arose over the summer that was too good to pass up, so I decided to take the risk and move to New York City,” Mr. Thompson said.

The school has been previously ranked as No. 2 in the United States by Forbes Magazine in 2010 and ranked No. 4 by the Wall Street Journal.

“I have enjoyed my time at St. George’s, but I am also ready to begin a new adventure in the big city,” Mr. Thompson said.

Mrs. Jill Reilly, the Upper School Dean of Students, has taken a leap of faith that she has always wanted to take and has enrolled at Columbia University.

“I will be a full-time graduate student at Columbia University in New York studying to earn my Master of Arts in Private School Leadership,” Mrs. Reilly said. “I have always wanted to get a graduate degree but have not been able to fit it into my life or the life of my family. Now, I am able to do that and my family is very supportive of this new adventure.”

The search for a new Dean of Students is still underway as a national and local recruitment process.