Thanksgiving: How Does St. George’s Celebrate

Historically, Thanksgiving originated to celebrate the first harvest and the relationship of Native Americans and pilgrims working together to create a feast. Nowadays, Thanksgiving is commonly known as a time to sit down with friends and family and be thankful for all we are blessed with, while also enjoying a good meal.

Traditional Thanksgiving food is not something that can just be warmed up in the microwave; it takes hard labor and meticulous planning in order to create the savory dishes we all love. Senior Britt Ferguson and his family celebrate this holiday by cooking every dish from scratch.

“We fry our own turkey, some people do brisket, homemade rolls, homemade casseroles,” said Ferguson. “The brisket or the fried turkey is usually the best.”

Ferguson and his family are not the only ones who share special family traditions. Sophomore Wilson Young and her family partake in more competitive festivities with their annual football tournament.

“Definitely the Thanksgiving day football tournament that we have is my favorite thing we do,” Young said.

The Thanksgiving traditions in the St. George’s community goes beyond the U.S. borders. Clara Vicente, a senior who transferred from Chile also enjoys this holiday of gratitude with her family in Chile.

“My mom is American and she grew up celebrating Thanksgiving and in Chile she made an American friend, so my family and her family would get together and celebrate Thanksgiving in Chile.”

In addition to her old traditions in Chile, Vicente has come to embrace new Thanksgiving celebrations with her friends in the United States.

“I’m also going to celebrate Friendsgiving this year,” Vicente said.

Friendsgiving is a similar occasion to Thanksgiving. However, instead of sitting down and eating with your family, you sit down with your closest friends and celebrate how thankful you are that they are in your life.