Revival of Club Excitement

The return of the club fair sparks new enthusiasm at St. George’s


Photo: Hannah Morrison

Bella Taylor serves muffins to students interested in her baking club.

Since the scaling down of coronavirus restrictions, the St. George’s club fair has taken a new beginning at St. George’s. This year’s process allowed for hearing students’ ideas and the clubs’ participation and success, adding excitement to the role clubs play for our community.

Reviving the club fair after the pandemic was the brainchild of Mr. Taylor Cao, director of student life.

“This year, I thought it’d be really great to bring everyone together, have kids showcase what they wanted to present,” he explained.

Students explored different clubs, listened to the presentations and plans of clubs and talked to the club leaders, which varied immensely compared to the years before, when they chose clubs remotely through emails.

Senior James Christie, legislative vice president and Mr. Cao’s big help in the creation of the club fair, works hard to make the club system the best it can be.

“It’s kind of harder to get more excited about something when you’re just reading the description or reading an email,” he said.“You could kinda tell people were excited to walk around and be in that environment again.”

The clubs greatly benefitted from bringing everyone together, and they create a sense of community for the school, making it easy to be innovative and creating an opportunity for students to lead. Creating a club is simple. All you had to do was submit an application.

Sophomore Mary Frances Forbes, one of the new club leaders this year for Debate Club, agrees.

“If more people are wanting to lead clubs, it’s really easy,” said Forbes.

Mr. Cao thinks through a few questions when determining if clubs are passed or rejected: “Is it gonna be beneficial for our school? Will kids enjoy it? And is it going to be harmful?” he explained.

These are limits to ensure the protection of our school’s community, not barriers to students’ creativity.

“I’ve never had to deny a club before, so I think kids are understanding they wouldn’t present a club that would be harmful to our community,” he added.

This demonstrates how easy it is to be creative and take a leadership position in clubs as a student at St. George’s.

Clubs are riding a new high this year with excitement and participation due to the revival of the club fair and new clubs. Clubs have brought different interests into our community and allow student expression through club leadership.