M&M’s Have Gone Too Far

Reporter Abby Grace Dodson weighs in on the new horizons of Mars Inc.

The mysterious number of flavors that M&Ms has is hugely concerning. While researching, I have found some websites that have stated 55, 45, 54, or even 51 flavors. This is concerning. How do we not know how many flavors there are? We are in the middle of a pandemic; there are already numerous vital decisions that need to be made, and deciding on an M&M flavor should not be difficult.

Founded in 1941, the M&M’s flavor began as chocolate, but now you can find over fifty different variations on the classic style. These flavors range from limited edition sugar cookies to jalapeno, but is this necessary?

My personal favorite, the peanut M&M, is one of the flavors that lasts all year round, but Mars Inc. has numerous other flavors flowing in and out of their regular lineup. In this, there becomes an overwhelming array of flavors.

The unnecessary flavors bring nonessential choices to be made, and frankly, I have chosen not to snack on any of the superfluous flavors. They are genuinely unneeded.

As a true M&M lover, I grab my favorite flavor repeatedly. I never reach for a new flavor. Some may ask, why? Because I like normalcy. I simply do not enjoy any extravagant flavors of a timeless piece of candy.

Come on, Mars Inc., let’s stick to what’s right (the year-round flavors). There is no need for these crazy flavors. I am all for trying new things, but sometimes the array of flavors becomes too much. I become overwhelmed with the choices that I can make, leading me to just turn into a ball of frustration.

Should candy make me frustrated? No. The flavors begin to overcrowd the simple joy of eating a ball of sugar. Mars Inc., I think you have some tough choices to make. Let’s make this thing simple.